Making your business future proof by building


salesforce solutions

Every company is different and requires a tailored solution, whether you are an enterprise or a small to medium business, Salesforce offers a solution for you and we know how to implement it. Our people love a challenge, so bring it on!




Financial Services

We put our money where our mouths are. Our team has a lot of experience in Banking and Insurance and knows how to digitize complex financial environments working with strict rules and regulations.

We believe technology is changing extremely fast in most sectors and especially in Financial Services, so we make sure your business stays relevant with the power of Salesforce.


With sensitive data, loads of administrative tasks and legacy systems dominated the market, the Healthcare industry is waiting to be digitized and it’s happening now. With Salesforce our team can make your business processes more efficient and future-proof.

Whether you are in care or cure, there is a Salesforce solution that will help you accelerate. Try us, we have a remedy for you.


Business success depends on the adaptability of your organisation to introduce technology quicker than the competition. Integrating systems play a key role in the efficiency of any organization and seamless integration between core business systems is essential to increase operational efficiency. Cloudmuscle has Integration specialists that can tackle the most complex of integrations using the power of Mulesoft or by building custom integrations.




Projects are planned in collaboration with our clients and together we form a delivery team based on the collective industry & business expertise and our Salesforce know-how.


We design solutions from a user perspective and believe that if you make the user experience better, your customer will have a better experience too.


We follow Configuration and Development best-practice and we set up Salesforce to accelerate our clients.


We don’t look at this as an afterthought.
It’s at the core of everything we do.


To set our clients up for success we enable them by providing training, knowledge -and technical handovers to ensure the solution will be used.


Deployment does not stop once the new configuration is in the live environment, we perform post-deployment checks too.


Testing starts the moment the configuration or development is done in the development area. And together with our clients, we will make sure end-user testing is done thoroughly.

we accelerated these

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